Groves-Raines Architects


Groves-Raines Architects Ltd. is dedicated to the conservation and sustainable re-use of historic buildings. Established in 1972, the practice has been at the forefront of conservation in Scotland and Ireland for over 40 years, with a broad portfolio of exceptional, award-winning projects.

Over the decades, we have conserved and restored many of Scotland’s finest period properties and buildings, bringing them new life and helping to secure their future. Our practice has particular experience in the adaptive re-use of historic buildings in a manner that allows them to serve their communities. Our team’s specialist skills in conservation planning and affinity for historic fabric ensure that our interventions are based on a deep understanding that allows seamless integration of the old and the new.

The practice strives to achieve a balance between the best of conservation and a commitment to contemporary design excellence, whilst retaining respect for historical context and future sustainability.

The Practice’s commitment to excellence has seen the emergence of Groves-Raines Architects Studio (GRAS), which was formed in 2006. GRAS is focused on progressive, sustainable and ambitious design solutions through thorough research and rigorous analysis, and adopts an inventive but reflective attitude to design, always looking forward, but mindful of the past

Our overall approach is one of commitment to working closely with our clients and consultants to produce the most inventive architectural design suited to its environment, historic landscape and user lifestyle. We also value the importance of fully integrating the design process, with each discipline informing the other in a culture of collective knowledge and shared vision, driven by the context of the project and its social impact.