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Stephen Copp

Stephen’s background encompasses archaeology, architecture, and conservation with a particular interest in the historic environment and traditional construction. He has worked in Canada, Lincolnshire, and in Scotland on a wide range of conservation projects. Prior to re-joining joining Groves Raines Architects in the autumn of 2016, Stephen worked as a Project Manager for the National Trust for Scotland’s Little Houses Improvement Scheme (LHIS), an innovative revolving-fund building preservation trust with a mandate to protect and promote Scotland’s vernacular past. In this capacity, Stephen successfully delivered a number of award-winning community-based conservation projects with strong outreach and learning elements. Projects had budgets spanning £200k to £2m and were heavily dependent on successful grant applications. Awards include the Europa Nostra Prize for Conservation in 2009 for the LHIS’s work at the Old Schoolhouse at Logie, Montrose.

In his spare time, Stephen has worked on a number of archaeological projects in Italy, Greece, Tunisia, and Jordan and is currently affiliated with the American School at Corinth in Greece where he has been working on the excavation and publication of the ancient Roman harbor at Kenchreai. Stephen has also written on a number of subjects in Roman archaeology and vernacular architecture.

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