Groves-Raines Architects

Nikki Jowett

Nikki returned home to Edinburgh in late Summer 2001, having worked in corporate and community video production and film archiving in Yorkshire. She joined Groves-Raines Architects as the Office Administrator in September of that year. Following a break of almost a year, she returned to work from Maternity Leave in January 2015 with a promotion to Office Manager.

When she isn’t reading “Dear Zoo”, playing “Peekaboo!” or going to the play park with her daughter, Nikki enjoys Pilates and walking. She and her husband are also practitioners of the Western martial art of historical fencing, taught from historical texts, as it would have been in centuries past and involving the practical use of a variety of historical European weapons including backsword, smallsword, longsword and quarterstaff in non-choreographed free fencing.

Nikki graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 1995 with an MA (Hons) in History and during her Honours years, she concentrated on different aspects of Cultural History, particularly in Scotland, and developed a keen interest in historic buildings. She subsequently completed further studies in the history of film in Yorkshire. She is a member of Historic Scotland and enjoys holidays in The Landmark Trust's rescued historic buildings.

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