Groves-Raines Architects


"Transcend the perceived boundaries of tradition, form, style, fashion and technology. Celebrate craftsmanship, skill, and materials, the intrinsic quality imbued in things through the love and hands of their makers. Accept and integrate the polarities of function and adornment that are defined by the user and the present moment, that grow and evolve developing patina and texture through use. Allow our heritage a future, to be part of an on-going process in our lives, not finished statements. Appreciate the creases and signs of wear, the wrinkles and traces of our lives on our environment, the charm of the imperfect. Go beyond the constant quest for the new and respect what we are and what we have, cherish and re-cycle the old and used within our lives, value familiarity and love born of intimacy. See the beauty of things with our own eyes, even if at odds with accepted values. Be open to change and blend the new technologies with the best of the past into the fabric of our lives."

With acknowledgements to Ray Harris